Interactive Theater System

Deploy interactive movies and commercials

to theater screens for live audience participation



Do an interactive short film!
Let your audience be apart of the story

Starting At

Film Festivals


Screen audience guided films
at your next event

Starting At



Follow up with the audience
after the presentation

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Story Revolution

Don’t just tell it…  Let them live it

Explore the possibilities

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Easy Theater Install

Simple plug and play solution for any theater

Our Magic Box plays smooth 4K video and surround sound

while giving audiences seamless interaction

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Putting audiences in the movie characters’ shoes

in a group voting environment enhances the

theater experience to something new and exciting!

Getting audiences to come back!  Because they had a certain
outcome the first time, it’s more likely they will come back
to watch an alternate version of the same story.

For more details on how this works, call us and

schedule a presentation.

Turn Your Branding Into

“Call-To-Action” Campaigns

Theater Advertising has always been about branding,
which means the effectiveness of your Ad could never
truly be tracked.

But as Audiences connect to your commercial
with their mobile device and social media accounts,
now you can actually track who was paying attention
during your Ad and follow up them them after the movie!

One Story, Several Outcomes

Developing your multi-level story can be challenging.

Join our U Direct University!  Learn from our online tutorials and project guide sheets.  See what others have done.  Check out all your options when making the best choice selections for your interactive project.