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Track, gauge and follow up with theater patrons after the film.

Sign in and push messages or promotions to patrons cell phones,
emails or social media channels with just a few clicks.

30 Day access to patron database to track growth
as your campaign continues.


Continue your access to the patron database

as long as you need.  Build on your results and compare

from one campaign to the next.

Patron Results & Contact Info

 Our participant database gives you access to
a massive amount of demographic and contact

Get instant feedback on your film or commercial.

Compare results from one DMA to another.
Learn about your future customer.

Measure Everything

We aggregate data from top social apps

so you can analyze just about everything.

Even integrate our data with other

analytic programs such as Google Analytics,
to track ROI.

Push Through Campaigns

Patron contact info is at your disposal
to push your message, after the movie.
Turn spectators into customers with a
“call-to-action” incentive.

Track your leads as they respond and
get helpful insight to your next steps.