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We support your project from start to finish.

Build something you’re proud of.  Get unlimited testing on our Interactive Device or Online Streaming Service.
As you’re developing your film or commercial, ensure it’s ready by thoroughly testing it on our interactive platform.

Theater Screen testing also available.  Unfortunately it’s not free.  Prices & availability vary by location.

Audience Guided Storytelling

What will you create?

Short films, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and even feature length movies can all become audience driven.  Engage your audience like never before.  Don’t just tell them a story.  Let them be apart of it.

Duracell- Story Tree 6

U Direct University

Developing your multi-level story can be challenging.

Join our U Direct University!  Learn from our online tutorials and project guide sheets.  See what others have done.  Learn and get inspired to create your next interactive story.

U Direct University

What market areas do you
want to reach?

Select specific movie theaters or choose by city, county, state,
or the region  that fit your demographic goals.

We help fit the right COMMERCIALS with the right feature MOVIE,
in order to maximize the audience’s “take-away”.

Timing is everything!

We support your campaign from start to finish.
We help match your Marketing Campaign timeframe with the Feature Film release to theaters.

This begins with timely pairing your commercials with the next upcoming interactive feature.


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