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Free video tutorials and project guides on how to write, direct, produce and edit “Audience Guided Stories”.  From Short Films, Documentaries, Features, Commercials, and even Music Videos, you will get inspired to create your own mind blowing masterpiece.


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Get even more in depth training with extended video tutorials and guides.  Learn from Hollywood industry writers, directors, producers, and even actors.  Get access to so much more…

Turning Points Re-imagined

Imagine your character comes to a fork in the road,

which way should they go?

This is exactly what your audience gets to decide.

They may not know the outcome of that decision, but
they get to make the tough decisions.

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One Decision Stories

Commercials and Short Films can be uniquely designed with

one single decision in your story.

Learn how to pick the right moment that
keeps your audience engaged by writing
decision points that are quick
and clever

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Learn From Experts

In University 202, our tutorials and guides are led by industry experts.

Get the best strategies and tools from some of the best in Multi-Directional Storytelling.